Debenhams steals a march on its rivals with a progressive web app

Debenhams steals a march on its rivals with a progressive web app

Debenhams steals a march on its rivals with a new mobile site for UK customers, by launching a progressive web app (PWA) and why the retailer has steered away from a traditional mobile application.

Just a reminder for those who are new progressive web apps, PWAs are technically not apps, but are rather advanced websites that deliver a much faster experience on a mobile browser. This cutting-edge technology has been so far adopted by “The Washington Post and Financial Times examples are the most powerful I’ve seen.

The new Debenhams PWA site has followed the likes of the BBC and Twitter. As traffic shifts from desktop to mobile, this starts to impact growth as customers do not convert as well on the latter.

According to Google research, Britain was 10th out of 17 major European countries in terms of how quickly sites load on mobile – not surprisingly 53% of visits were abandoned if a mobile site takes many seconds or more to load and if you keep customers waiting for more than five seconds, the probability of them bouncing spikes by 90%.

Tapping Google-backed technology has doubled the speed of the previous mobile site, Debenhams claims. Many retailers have a responsive site, but the problem with this approach is you cannot be mobile first as you have to build an experience that fits three to four different devices or screen sizes; you end up having to trade off your mobile customers.”

The new Debenhams site went live in early October and delivering amazing results, they have seen more mobile orders starting to occur, placing the retailer in a strong position ahead of its competitors.

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