Uber relaunches as a Progressive Web App

Speculation that Uber, who was one of the first companies to embrace PWA with its¬†m.uber.com¬†website, would re-launch as a PWA in the Microsoft Store followed. Tonight, we have our answer as Uber’s PWA is now available.

The Uber PWA lets users log in with their current accounts. A request for location services may be asked although it took a re-launch for the app to begin using those services. The app works on Wi-Fi and cellular connections as expected.

While the app is a far cry from the touch-up work that Twitter has done with its PWA for Windows 10 the app works as expected so far.

Presumably, other companies like Starbucks, Lyft, and others may also begin to replace their native apps with PWAs as this is the goal for a lot of companies looking to reign in app development costs.